Speeding Jele forced to apologise

Orlando Pirates captain Happy Jele has been forced to issue an apology after he was arrested for speeding and claimed to be racing home to attend to a sick child.
The claim turned out to be untrue after investigation by the Gauteng Department of Community Safety and has landed Jele in hot water with both the police and with his club.
Overnight the Bucs skipper issued a statement through the club that said: “I refer to the news of my arrest this morning which is making rounds in the media. It is true I was apprehended by the enforcement law agency driving at high speeds. I was taken into the police station for statements and procedures from which I was released on bail,” he said.
“I would like to sincerely apologise for my recklessness and bringing the club into disrepute and take full responsibility for my actions. I have no excuse for my action and I can only wish the club, the supporters and the public at large to accept my apology, as I realise the number of people I have disappointed."
Jele was caught speeding at 223km/h in a 120km/h zone early on Monday morning, according to police.
“The Pirates player was driving a 351i BMW on the M1 near Sandton at an average speed of 223km/h,” said a statement
“When officers managed to stop him, he claimed he was on his way to attend to his sick child. It was later found that the information was untruthful.
“Jele was arrested on the spot and taken to Sandton Police Station where he was formally charged with reckless driving and exceeding the prescribed limit of 120km/h.”
Jele is to appear in court on a date yet to be set.